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Svickova (czech beef with cream sauce)

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Beef, Czech, Eastern European, Meats

Yield: 6
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The Svickova (czech beef with cream sauce) is the name of the recipe.

3 Carrots
3 Parsnips
1 Celery root
2 largeOnions
4 ozFat bacon
15 Peppercorns
10 Allspice grains
3 Bay leaves
3 tbspDried thyme
2 lbsLeg beef ( sic)
2 cupHeavy cream
2 tbspFlour
1 tbspVinegar
1 tbspSugar
1 Lemon , grated rind only
Preserved cranberries
Step one:Julienne carrots , parsnips , celery root and onion.
Step two:Fry in bacon fat in a large pan until browned.
Step three:Add the meat , spices , salt , then add water to cover.
Step four:Stew until the meat is tender , adding more water as necessary.
Step five:Take the cooked meat out , and puree vegetables.
Step six:Return to pot , add cream and flour , and simmer.
Step seven:When the sauce is thick enough , add vinegar , sugar and lemon rind.
Step eight:Remove from heat , slice the meat , put on plate , and pour the sauce around the meat pieces.
Step nine:Garnish with preserved cranberries.

This recipe is Category of Beef, Czech, Eastern European, Meats.
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